Hotel La Sala de Camós


A place to learn about the stories, news, and anecdotes that take place at La Sala de Camós and where our guests can contribute their own stories and comments.

Noble roots since the 12th century

The Sala de Camós is a complex made up of two joined homes with more than 700 m2 built. It is surrounded by an environment of one hectare of terraces, some with gardens, where you can walk, sit and read or have a drink. It is a beautiful building with pleasant rooms and Gothic rooms […]

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Banyoles, The city of the lake

Banyoles is a municipality located in the center of the El Pla de l’Estany region, being in fact its capital. The term is mostly occupied by the lake itself, which is practically its western limit, and the fabric of the urban core, and only to the east and north does it contain peripheries of basically […]

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Pet Friendly Hotel

Tourism has evolved over the years, so much so that traveling can be a completely new experience, so it is not surprising that those in charge of providing these experiences must face new challenges. One of the latest challenges facing hotels (and other tourism managers) is Pet Friendly, but what is it? At Hotel Sala […]

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