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Banyoles, The city of the lake

Banyoles is a municipality located in the center of the El Pla de l’Estany region, being in fact its capital. The term is mostly occupied by the lake itself, which is practically its western limit, and the fabric of the urban core, and only to the east and north does it contain peripheries of basically agricultural land, with extensions of its area towards Puig Martirià and El Mas de Usall, to the north, and the Puigpalter lands to the east

The city of Banyoles, where practically its entire population meets, is located on the eastern shore of the lake, in the middle of a natural depression that has its origin in the lake basin. Beyond the urban core, there are other old neighborhoods and small continuous developments, grouping a total of about 19,400 inhabitants (2018).

The municipality is the service center for a certain extent of other small rural municipalities, being at the same time benefited by its relative proximity to Girona. Its summer vocation and tourist identity also have significant weight. The industrial sector also has a certain representation, as well as the agricultural sector, which is preserved in a certain part of the municipality.

Regarding the physical environment, the presence of the pond is, without a doubt, the main environmental element and sign of identity of the city of Banyoles, with great geological, ecological, landscape and cultural value. The set of ditches and orchards also have great landscape value, as well as the agroforestry mosaic landscape that begins at the gates of the city and extends to the north, east and south towards the rest of the region.

Banyoles is a very culturally active city. In this sense, without being able to be too exhaustive, the main and most traditional festive events of the municipality are the Festa Major and the Fira de Sant Martirià, the weekend before October 24, and the Festes d’Agost, in the middle of August, in addition to a lot of fairs and cultural events.


Do not miss it

A boat ride across the pond, where you will feel captivated by the beauty of the landscape that will surround you.

When to go

If we go to the Fira de Sant Martirià we can enjoy the equestrian activities that are organized, since the fair is dedicated above all to the world of horses.

To do

The walk that links the old town, the Plaza Mayor and all the streets and squares in its area, with the pond, is highly recommended. If you feel like it, you can continue it for a while along its perimeter path.

Did you know

The Monastery of Sant Esteve de Banyoles, in the old town of the municipality, is one of the first monastic foundations in Catalonia (in the 9th century) and the cradle of the city of Banyoles.


Near Banyoles it is worth taking the Mieres and Santa Pau road and doing it slowly, without rushing, and stopping in the towns and corners.

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